Paris Hilton

August 27

Drug Bust

Hilton, 29, is arrested in Las Vegas for possession of a controlled substance after cocaine is found in her purse – just a month after being caught with marijuana on the French island of Corsica. The hard-partying heiress pleads guilty to two misdemeanors – drug possession and obstructing an officer – but avoids jail time by accepting a plea, which places her on probation for a year.

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Paris Hilton
Date of Birth
February 17, 1981
Birth Place
New York, N.Y.
Cy Waits, ex-boyfriend (2010 to 2011)
Doug Reinhardt, ex-boyfriend (2009 to 2010; on & off)
Benji Madden, ex-boyfriend (2008)
Tyler Atkins, ex-boyfriend (summer 2007)
Josh Henderson, ex-boyfriend (2007)
Stavros Niarchos III, ex-boyfriend (2005 to 2007; on & off)
Paris Latsis, ex-boyfriend (Dec. 2004 to Sep. 2005, engaged)
Nick Carter, ex-boyfriend (Jan. 2004 to July 2004)
Jason Shaw, ex-boyfriend (2001 to 2003, engaged)
Rick Salomon, ex-boyfriend (Feb. 2001 to June 2001)
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Paris Hilton

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