Rachel McAdams

August 14

She's Timeless

In the film adaptation of Audrey Niffenegger's bestselling novel, The Time Traveler's Wife, McAdams stars as the central character opposite Aussie hunk Eric Bana. Although the film is widely panned by critics, the Los Angeles Times says, "McAdams as Rachel is luminous, with a dimple so deep Henry can drown in it."

Rachel McAdams

December 25

'Sherlock' Babe

In Guy Ritchie's adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, McAdams, as Irene Adler, outwits Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) and partner Watson (Jude Law). "You're not quite sure where she's coming from or what her intentions are," she says. "You don't know whether she's going to kiss you or kill you."


Rachel McAdams


Rachel in Vogue

McAdams covers the January issue of Vogue, where costar and screen legend Diane Keaton has a few complimentary words for the ultra-private movie star. "Such a brilliant actress – not like Meryl, but she has that kind of intelligence. That brain is substantial, and if you have that along with a face you can't take your eyes off, it's so compelling. It's rare."

Rachel McAdams


Taking It Offscreen

After being spotted getting cozy at the Toronto Film Festival, McAdams steps out with 41-year-old actor Michael Sheen, her costar in the upcoming Woody Allen film Midnight in Paris. "She's a genuinely lovely lady as well as being stunningly beautiful and very talented," Sheen told Entertainment Tonight Canada. "She's got it all going on there."

Rachel McAdams

November 12

'Glory' Days

McAdams reteams with Keaton for the Broadcast News-inspired romantic comedy, Morning Glory, costarring Harrison Ford. Though the film fails to impress at the box office, PEOPLE movie critic Oliver Jones raves: "In the end, it's McAdams' movie, and she carries that responsibility with a grace and a joyousness that keeps things bouncy even when the jokes fall flat."


Rachel McAdams

February 10

Affair to Remember

McAdams continues to romance audiences with The Vow, a film that pairs the actress with Channing Tatum. inspired by a true story about a husband trying to win his wife back after she suffers memory loss, the film opens at No. 1, earning more than $41 million at the box office.


Rachel McAdams


Split City

After two years together, McAdams and Sheen part ways. While the quiet couple rarely commented on their relationship, the Twilight actor once gushed of his former costar, "She's talented, intelligent, beautiful. She's warm and friendly. She's very supportive, and very kind, very funny. She makes me laugh a lot."

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Rachel McAdams

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