Rebecca Romijn: Snapshot

Rebecca Romijn
Date of Birth
November 06, 1972
Birth Place
Berkeley, Calif.
Men ogled Rebecca Romijn on the cover of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue and then stole their girlfriends' Victoria's Secret catalogs to get more. But the blonde babe wasn't satisfied with posing pretty, and surprised naysayers when she went from supermodel to super funny.

To build credibility as an actress, Romijn (pronounced "romaine") chose unexpected roles: she played a drunk, bearded lady in 1998's Dirty Work, a klutzy reporter in the short-lived Pepper Dennis, a very blue and very naked mutant in the X-Men trilogy, and now a vengeful transsexual editor on the ABC hit Ugly Betty.

The stunner married Full House hottie John Stamos and went by Romijn-Stamos for seven years until their divorce in 2005. But she gave love another chance with actor Jerry O'Connell, and the goofball couple married in a backyard ceremony in 2007, while their dogs – Better and Taco – watched in bowties. After talking about their desire for kids, the couple welcomed twins girls in December 2008.

Rebecca Romijn: Five Fun Facts

  1. As a teenager, Rebecca Romijn suffered from scoliosis, and she never exercised until receiving a tip from model Elle MacPherson. "Elle told me, 'You have a nice body. You should really take better care of it,'" Romijn told Self. "That was the best advice I ever got."
  2. In 2000, Rebecca Romijn threw a cross-dressing-themed birthday party for first husband, John Stamos. She dressed as Stamos, circa 1984, when he played Blackie on General Hospital. "I wore a black mullet wig and big sideburns," she told Cosmopolitan. "I finished the look off with black leather pants and drum sticks in my back pocket."
  3. Rebecca Romijn claims her first agent asked her mother to be a ''supermodel-making machine.'' She told Movieline in 2000, "It was like, 'I'll pay you to make more babies.'"
  4. Rebecca Romijn was fired from her first job at a Berkeley, Calif. poultry store when she was caught licking her fingers after eating the store's rotisserie chicken for lunch.
  5. After a trip to the California wine country, Jerry O'Connell gave Rebecca Romijn a vineyard: 800 vines of merlot and cabernet grapes. "It was the most romantic gift ever," she told In Style in 2006.

Rebecca Romijn: Biography


Rebecca Romijn

Becca the Babe

After three years of modeling in Europe, Romijn returns to the U.S. where she is chosen to model for lingerie giant Victoria's Secret. "I don't mind doing sort of sexy, raunchy pictures if there's a sense of humor about it," she admits to Detour. That year, she also poses for Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue, eventually landing the cover in 1999.

Rebecca Romijn

Meanwhile, Backstage . . .

Romijn, 21, meets Full House star John Stamos, 31, (right) while backstage at a Victoria's Secret fashion show in New York City. "He took my breath away," Romijn tells In Style in 2001. "I just went, 'Oh my God. That's the most beautiful human being I've ever seen!'" The relationship blossoms from a friendly first date at Disneyland to their engagement on Christmas Eve 1997 when Stamos presents Romijn with a 1930s platinum four-carat Boucheron diamond ring.


Rebecca Romijn

December 16

House of Style

Romijn replaces Daisy Fuentes as host of MTV's fashion TV show, House of Style. "She has a root-for-her beauty," MTV president Judy McGrath tells PEOPLE. "Women don't resent her. She's real." The gig lasts until 1998. "I was getting very antsy and restless just modeling," she confesses to the Dallas Morning News in 1998. "I was bored off my ass, basically. It's not a very stimulating job."

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Rebecca Romijn

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