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Robert Pattinson
Date of Birth
May 13, 1986
Birth Place
London, England, U.K.
Move over Zac Efron! British import Robert Pattinson has arrived, and the reaction is Beatles-like. With his signature tousled mop and brooding stare, Hollywood's newest heartthrob has tongues wagging, mobs stalking, and tweens begging.

Pattinson first made his mark on American audiences as hunky Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. But his casting as Edward Cullen, the beautiful vampire at the center of the best-selling Twilight Saga, has turned the man dubbed R.Pattz into the apple of every teen girl's eye.

Though Twilight's record-breaking box office success paved the way for Pattinson to try his hand at more serious fare, including 2012's Cosmopolis and 2011's Water for Elephants, it's his on-and-off romance with costar Kristen Stewart that's kept him in the headlines. After weathering a cheating scandal, the couple called it quits in 2013.

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Robert Pattinson: Five Fun Facts

  1. Robert Pattinson was often taken advantage of by his older siblings. "Up until I was 12 my sisters used to dress me up as a girl and introduce me as 'Claudia'!" the actor told the BBC.
  2. On playing Twilight heartthrob Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson told EW, "The hair is 75% of my performance."
  3. Robert Pattinson, who plays piano and guitar, has two songs featured in Twilight. "I cried the first time I heard the two songs," director Catherine Hardwicke told MTV. "They're deep; they're very soulful."
  4. While filming Twilight, Robert Pattinson injured himself on his very first shot. "I wasn't even doing a stunt. I was just trying to pick up Kristen Stewart and I almost tore my hamstring because I hadn't been doing enough squats," the actor told the Los Angeles Times. "It was very embarrassing."
  5. While on the Twilight set, an enthusiastic fan asked a crew member to bring her baby on set and have Robert Pattinson take a photo with the child. "So there's a photo of me like biting a baby's head," he said.

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Robert Pattinson

November 18

How Harry Met Cedric

Pattinson skyrockets to international fame as ill-fated Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. "The day before I was just sitting in Leicester Square, happily being ignored by everyone," he says at the film's London premiere. "Then suddenly strangers are screaming your name. Amazing!" Director Newell says, "Pattinson was born to play the role; he's quintessentially English with chiseled public-schoolboy good looks."


Robert Pattinson

July 18

Bloody Gorgeous

From handsome wizard to dashing vampire, Pattinson covers EW as Edward Cullen, the immortal hero of Twilight, with costar Kristen Stewart. Portraying the brooding vampire, described as "devastatingly inhumanly beautiful" in author Stephenie Meyer's Twilight book series, came with daunting expectations for Pattinson. "I stopped reading [blogs] after I saw the signatures saying 'Please, anyone else,'" the actor says of "Twilighters" initially protesting his casting.

Robert Pattinson

November 14

The Face of Twilight

As the film's highly-anticipated release draws nearer, EW publishes a second Twilight issue with three collectible covers in response to the first cover's polarizing feedback. The ever-increasing buzz surrounding Twilight thrusts little-known Pattinson further into the spotlight. "I asked the producer, 'Is Rob ready for this? Have you guys prepped him? Is he ready to be the It Guy?'" Twilight author Meyer tells the magazine. "I don't think he really is. I don't think he sees himself that way. And I think the transition is going to be a little rocky."

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