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Sheryl Crow
Date of Birth
February 11, 1962
Birth Place
Kennett, Mo.
February 2006 was a rough month for Sheryl Crow. She split with fiancé Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong. Then, soon after her 44th birthday, a lump was found during a routine mammogram. But Crow beat breast cancer without missing a note – even returning to her tour after surgery and radiation treatment.

She broke onto the music scene in 1993 with her folksy rock album, Tuesday Night Music Club, which led to three Grammys and sold more than 7 million copies. Eight years later, she went glam at 40 with a sexier look and new pop-influenced sound that rounded her Grammy collection to nine.

Today, Crow splits her time between her music, her cancer and ecological causes, and her two boys, Wyatt and Levi, whom she adopted in 2007 and 2010, respectively.

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Sheryl Crow: Five Fun Facts

  1. Sheryl Crow was a back-up singer for Michael Jackson during his first solo tour, Bad, in 1987. She even sang "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" as a duet with the King of Pop. Crow told PEOPLE, "I have a hard time keeping my eyes off him. When he's onstage, he just keeps drawing you in."
  2. Sheryl Crow lost her two front teeth twice: once when she was 8, and later in her pre-fame music career. "I was singing in a top 40 band in St. Louis and a waitress knocked my teeth out with a beer mug, kind of by accident," she told the AP in 2002.
  3. Before landing her own deal with A&M Records, Sheryl Crow worked as a backup singer for Rod Stewart and Don Henley.
  4. Sheryl Crow surprised her tour mate John Mayer in 2006 by appearing onstage in a skimpy bikini after he surprised her by dressing up in a bear costume.
  5. Sheryl Crow shares the same birthday with girlfriend Jennifer Aniston: Feb. 11. In 2007, the ladies celebrated together in Malibu.

Sheryl Crow: Biography

late 1960s


Bernice and Wendell Crow encourage their four children to take up music and even play piano and trumpet, respectively, in a big band. Daughter Sheryl begins playing the piano at an early age. "We had four pianos in the house, and we all practiced at once," Crow tells PEOPLE of her childhood in the farming town of Kennett, Mo. "Mom stood in the kitchen cooking and monitored us, but I still don't know how she could hear."


Sheryl Crow

All Grown Up

Crow graduates from the University of Missouri with a degree in piano and voice and takes a job teaching elementary in St. Louis. After breaking up with her devout Christian fiancé who, according to PEOPLE, insists that she sing exclusively "for the Lord," she moves to L.A. to pursue music.


Sheryl Crow

She's Bad

After crashing a closed audition, Crow lands a gig as a back-up singer on Michael Jackson's 18-month Bad world tour. "He was never around," Crow, who sang "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" as a duet onstage with the King of Pop, tells PEOPLE in 1994. "For all the time I saw him, I could've been on tour with Tom Jones."

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