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Shia LaBeouf
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June 11, 1986
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Los Angeles, Calif.
Sure, Shia LaBeouf earned an Emmy playing a poodle-haired goofball on the Disney kiddy comedy Even Stevens. But he fought his tween image by taking serious roles in such little-seen dramas as The Battle of Shaker Heights and A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints.

LaBeouf's risky choices paid off when director Steven Spielberg saw him play a boy sentenced to boot camp in 2003's Holes. Comparing LaBeouf to a young Tom Hanks, Spielberg cast him in the blockbuster Transformers franchise and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Now a bonafide movie star, LaBeouf transitioned into adulthood with films like Disturbia, Eagle Eye and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, which introduced him to Carey Mulligan, whom he dated for more than a year. But in 2014, after being accused of plagiarism in his writing, LaBeouf revealed that he was leaving public life.

Shia LaBeouf: Five Fun Facts

  1. While trying to break into acting, Shia LaBeouf asked a fellow actor for advice. "He said, 'In order for you to be an actor, you've got to be a model first.' I said, 'Dude, I'm not a model, all right? I look like Garry Shandling. That's not going to work,'" LaBeouf told the Boston Globe in 2003.
  2. Shia LaBeouf's last name is spelled incorrectly. "In French, LaBeouf means 'beef,' but mine is spelled wrong. It should be 'LaBoeuf,'" he told Parade in 2008. The name Shia isn't well-received in France, either. "Shia is a bad four-letter word in French. So the literal translation of my name is 'S--t the Beef.'"
  3. Shia LaBeouf's ''flirtatious hippie'' father hit on his son's Holes costar Sigourney Weaver during filming on-set. "That's the most embarrassed you'll ever be as a human," LaBeouf told PEOPLE in 2003.
  4. Shia LaBeouf said the set of Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle was more play than work. "When I wasn't laughing hysterically, I was learning how to pickpocket from Cameron Diaz," LaBeouf told USA Today. (Diaz learned the skill for Gangs of New York.)
  5. Shia LaBeouf's father, Jeffrey, a one-time rodeo clown who opened for the Doobie Brothers, lived in a tepee on a $10,000 plot of land Shia bought near the Mojave Desert in 2003.

Shia LaBeouf: Biography


Shia LaBeouf

June 17

Disney's New Kid

After making his debut in the TV feature Breakfast with Einstein (1998), LaBeouf nabs his breakout role in the award-winning Disney series Even Stevens (left). After three seasons as the goofball younger brother Louis, LaBeouf earns an Emmy for Outstanding Performer in a Children's Series. The series ends in June 2003. "I was scared out of my mind because I had been living on this set, creating and being free with the same people for three years," he tells Entertainment Weekly in 2003.


Shia LaBeouf

April 18

Digging 'Holes'

LaBeouf, 16, makes his feature debut in Holes, playing a boy sentenced to boot camp. "Everyone just thought I was a big goofball. Holes changed that. When your movie makes almost $ 70 million, it's a different ball game," LaBeouf tells EW. Costar Jon Voight (right), who gave him nightly acting assignments, says of the young star: "He has a God-given gift for truth and authenticity."

Shia LaBeouf


'Greenlight' Showcases Shia

LaBeouf is featured in the Matt Damon and Ben Affleck (left) reality show, Project Greenlight, which documents the making of The Battle of Shaker Heights. In the film, LaBeouf stars as a love-struck outsider who reenacts war games. "Unlike his other stuff, this movie features a kid on his own, a kid with real dramatic moments," Chris Moore, executive producer of the reality show and movie, tells EW. "It's awesome for Shia because he gets to show that side of it."

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