Set Your Intention
(Think Big!)

Set Your Intention

Photo: Javiera Estrada

Mandy Says: Naming your purpose has power. If you want washboard abs like Jennifer Aniston's, the motivation has to come from deep within yourself. Think about it this way: When you "want" something, it comes from your gut — that place of personal identity, desire and will power. So, don't limit yourself. State your intention, then back it up with real movement.

Her Move: Sit with feet on the floor, knees bent. Bring your hands behind your hamstrings and lift your feet up so that you are balancing on your butt. Need extra support? Place hands on the floor behind you. Next, lower legs and torso, until you are hovering 8 inches off the mat, then come up by drawing in knees and torso. Lift on exhale, lower on inhale, and hold for a count of 8 seconds. Repeat 8 times, in 3 sets.

Visualize Your Wellness

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"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." — Dr. Wayne Dyer, author and motivational speaker

Mandy Says: On my way back from Europe, after an extreme weight gain, I decided to look in the mirror and see my future fit body. It was indeed there; it was just hiding under a couple of layers. I held onto that image in my mind and used it as inspiration to create a poster of pictures and phrases showing all the healthy outcomes. Soon, each dream image became reality.

Her Move: Create a collage and then let it be. When you look back at how this takes shape you will be amazed.


Indulge Your Senses

Photo: Jenni Anspach

Mandy Says: Yoga practice helps us become present in the moment, and the senses are key to this power. When you practice presence, you discover that you know exactly how much to eat, what type of exercise to do, and how and when to reset by meditating or napping.

Her Move: Use your senses to tune into your body. Try lighting incense if you are practicing yoga; Naag Champa is my fave. If you're using weights, feel the heaviness and the coolness of the iron. If you are Downward Dogging it, press your palms and pads of your feet into the mat and feel that sensation as you breathe. Taste is also important. Try a treat like half a Kind bar, or this snack that Justin Theroux created for a post-yoga pick-me-up.


Be Grateful For Your Amazing Body

Photo: Javiera Estrada

Mandy Says: Each day, we must remember to count our blessings. When you focus on what you are grateful for, more amazing things begin to come your way. Each day, the Y28 Revolution begins with a list of five gratitudes.

Her Move: Before or after your workout, imagine a list of what you are appreciating today. To inspire you, here is my Gratitude Playlist (I play it every Thanksgiving). Or try a grounding routine, which will stretch and strengthen your total body. These poses pigeon, chair, warrior 2, triangle, half moon and seated forward bend.

Your Way

Mandy Says: How about an attitude shift? Emotions affect the body, and the mind controls the emotions. You know that your body hears everything you think and say about yourself. Start to re-frame self-talk into more positive language.

Her Move: During your cardio work today, pay attention to the negative thoughts that come up. Later, write them down in a journal. Can you restructure those thoughts into positive statements?

Recommended Cardio: Precor for 30 minutes

  • 5-minute warm-up on level 5 at no incline
  • Increase to a level 8 for 5 minutes on moderate incline
  • Increase to level 10 for 5 minutes
  • Decrease to level 7 at a high incline for 7 minutes
  • Decrease to no incline: level 3 for 3 minutes
  • 5-minute cool down: Level 5 at a medium to high incline


Mandy Says: The instructions I have heard for breathing correctly go something like this: Inhale. Exhale. Continue.

Not only does breathing relax your nervous system, oxygenate your blood and provide nutrients, it also connects you with your innate rhythm. Breath is the bridge from the mind to the body, so it is where you begin to feel emotions. This is the pathway to the heart.

Her Move: Try lengthening your breath. Sit quietly, with mouth closed, and notice the breath moving in and out of your nostrils. Then, consciously slow the pace to reconnect the mind and body.

Emotion =
Energy in

Mandy Says: Here's something I've noticed: When I feel, I get motivated. Watching The Hunger Games, I felt that I really identified with kick-ass Katniss, and it's because I was watching energy in motion. Moving your own energy will completely alter your emotional state, as you tone and trim your body.

The Move: I use Sun Salutations with all my clients -- including Jennifer Lawrence -- and the sequence helps move vital emotional energy through the body in an invigorating way. Remember: Inhale as the body expands (arching the back) and exhale as the body contracts (forward folding).


Receive Love Through Nourishment

Mandy Says: It takes 28 days to change a habit, and one of the best ways to shift a bad habit is to replace it consistently with a healthy choice.

The Move: Each of these positive actions will send a message of love to your body.

  • Skip sugary foods as a pick-me-up; instead try two cups of green tea and a serving of healthy greens. Try chef (and Y28 contributor) Melissa Costello's Leafy Green Recipe — it's completely vegan and delicious!
  • Forget the bread or cake; reach for a handful of almonds.
  • No sugary drinks either. Gulp down at least 2 liters of water (about 67 oz.) a day.
  • Pause the TV and go for a walk after meals.

A Yoga

Yoga Party

Mandy Says: Turns out, yoga can actually change your brain chemistry, improving your mood and decreasing anxiety. Music can have a similarly soothing effect — so why not combine the two? That's right, you don't have to listen to chanting to rock your Warrior 3. You can increase your caloric burn just by changing up your music.

The Move: Have a yoga party! I've thrown them with Woody and Laura Harrelson, fans of the Grateful Dead and The Beatles. Jennifer Aniston loves Will.I.Am and Britney Spears. Kate Beckinsale prefers the theme song from Dirty Dancing or Flashdance. Music is a motivating force and we are all motivated differently. Here's a playlist I made for one of my parties.



Photo: Jenni Anspach

Mandy Says: "Recreation is re-creating my body." Make this your mantra for the day.

My youngest student to date would be Coco Arquette, Courteney Cox's 8-year-old daughter. On occasion, when Jennifer Aniston and I would yoga it out by the beach at Cox's Malibu home, a curious Coco would come by and watch. One day, much to my surprise, she came and did yoga with us for about 30 minutes! Teaching yoga can be like a big game of Simon Says or Twister, and copying the teacher or playing follow-the-leader is a great way to learn.

The Move: Today, as you seek health, make it fun again by trying a new-to-you activity. Trust me, you'll feel like a kid at play.


Yoga For Detoxification

Photo: Jenni Anspach

Mandy Says: The word "cleanse" has become a Hollywood buzzword. But know this: You are not toxic. Your body is constantly eliminating what it does not need and using what nourishes it. Still, we can push ourselves to do itfaster. A little heat and sweat will do the trick.

The Move: Consider hot yoga or a trip to the sauna. Ricki Lake uses a far infrared sauna, which heats the body from the inside out, causing it to burn as many calories as a high-impact aerobics class while you just sit there. Keep in mind that as the body flushes, it still needs support. Green vegetable juices will allow your digestive system to rest for a day, while twists that massage the liver and spleen are yoga's answer to proper digestion and elimination.

Let Go
Of Being

Practice Imperfectly

Photo: Jenni Anspach

Mandy Says: You already have a perfect body. If it moves, feels and senses, you have a good body. It's easy to forget that if you compare yourself to celebrities, but I assure you: Everyone has trials and tribulations.

Lately I've really appreciated Lena Dunham. On Girls, she allows her real, imperfect body to show, and still gets to sleep with a handsome guy. I love the idea that we don't have to be impeccable or have it all together to be attractive. This opens the world to us.

The Move: Forget about what the person next to you is thinking. Get out there and practice imperfectly today. A pose to try: the Twisted Root Crunch (pictured above), to engage upper and lower abdominals.

Your One
True Life

Mandy Says: There is one element of your life that is with you to stay: your body! Lovers come and go. Careers change. Children grow up and leave. Parents pass. The one life-long relationship is the one you have with your own body. Nurture it.

The Move: Ground yourself. Start by taking the balance challenge (watch video above). Some tips to keep in mind:

  • As you extend your reach in both directions, find the edge that gives stability.
  • Choose a static point of focus several feet in front of you to find stillness.
  • As you place awareness on your breath, you will find a consistent unchanging focus.


Fall In Love With Yourself And Celebrate!

Photo: Jenni Anspach

Mandy Says: To me, my body is a miracle, and exercise is the way that I celebrate it. This is a dance-around-your-living-room day, so go ahead and set your timer for 20-30 minutes and shake your butt off!

The Move: After dancing, toast yourself for a job well done. Try a glass of sparkling water infused with cinnamon and orange peel or pour sparkling water over strawberries in a champagne glass. Look yourself in the mirror and say "I love you!" Sure, this may feel a little awkward at first, but you know what? It feels good.

Break Through
Or ...
Break Down!

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At some point, when you've committed to change a habit or start a new one, you just want to give up. You hit a wall. But being able to recognize that moment means it's working. Know that this intensity is strengthening your will-power muscles. It's as if there is a built-in resistance band that must be pulled to snap back into the routine. The part of you that wants to keep going will win!

The Move: Rather than back away, throw yourself into a high-intensityworkout like spinning. Many of my students started with my star-studded spin class. Check out my Top 5 tips for effective spinning.

On the

Build On the Intensity

Photo: Javiera Estrada

Mandy Says: Whenever we reshape and change our bodies, there is a destructive process that happens. Sometimes, it can feel unbearable. Jennifer Aniston once shared with me a parable about how a pearl is created out of struggle. It's important to remember that tumult can change a grain of sandinto a pearl, or as the saying goes: "A diamond is a piece of coal that hung in there." Commit to yourself today by ignoring the desire to get comfortable. Stand in the discomfort and breathe into it.

The Move: Here is a challenging yoga position that will target every major joint of your body. In Eagle Pose, we practice cutting off the blood flow and then allowing the flow to flood the body with nutrients and oxygen. Follow these steps:

  • Begin with your feet together. Inhale, sweep your arms up overhead, and on the exhale, swing them down in front of you to hook your right elbow under your left elbow.
  • Twist your arms, and place your palms together if you can.
  • Cross your right leg over your left leg and, if possible, wrap your right foot behind your left ankle. This takes balance.
  • Bend your knees and sink your hips back, as if you are sitting back into a chair.
  • Raise your wrapped arms up, so that your elbows are in front of your face. Your tendency may be to swivel your hips to the right, so shift them back to neutral. Hold for five breaths.

Get a

Get a Little Naughty

Recipe and Photo Courtesy of Melissa Costello

Mandy Says: I read one time that thinking about a great makeout session or a secret crush elevates the heart rate and burns 20% more calories. Having Johnny Depp, Bradley Cooper or Kate Beckinsale on the brain may just send your heart rate soaring.

The Move: Create a sexy playlist, wear something lacy or try a pole-dancing workout. Home alone? Sexy strip tease. Don't know what to do? Put on a Beyoncé or Rihanna video and follow along. Nobody to make out with? Replace with chocolate. This great recipe is non-dairy and deliciously crafted by chef Melissa Costello.

(Yes, You)

Stay Positive! (Yes, You)

Photo: Javiera Estrada

Mandy Says: Your body is an amazing gift — so please stop focusing on whether your hips are too big! A mantra, or a phrase that you can repeat, will help with yourattitude. The word "yes" works amazingly well during any workout. Think about it: When you are on a team, playing a game, saying "YES!" really fires you up. So, try cheering yourself on today. You deserve it.

The Move: Nothing like a lunge to tone the glam gams and make you say "yes!" It's obviously worked for Jennifer Aniston. What to do:

  • Step your left leg back 3 to 5 feet (or as far back as it can comfortably go), keeping the feet hip-width apart for balance, as if you are on a railroad track instead of a tightrope.
  • Bend your right (front) leg to a 90-degree angle, with the knee tracking directly over the center of the foot and the back (left) heel lifted off the floor.
  • Square your hips forward and sweep your arms up overhead with palms facing each other. Elongate your spine as you gently drop the tailbone down.
  • Soften the ribcage in toward your spine and reach out through your sternum as you find extension. Relax the shoulders down away from the ears. Breathe eight breaths.
  • Step your back foot forward a few inches and bend your back knee. Bring your hands to your hips and lower your back knee toward the floor.
  • After you lunge for eight reps, make the movement smaller and pulse for eight.
  • Repeat the lunge two times, step the back leg up to meet the front leg and switch sides.

Freedom Is The Result Of Discipline

Mandy Says: Developing a daily routine affords a freedom otherwise untapped. Building endurance and power is a marvelous foundation for all that you want to achieve and enjoy — in body and mind. Being physical is simply the launching pad for your spiritual journey. Today is a day to explore. Ask for spiritual guidance today, and follow your heart.

The Move: Visit a spiritual book store. Walk up to the first purple book you see. Open it and point to a line. That is your guidance for this day.

When Your
Body Speaks

Listen When Your Body Speaks

Photo: Javiera Estrada

Mandy Says: It takes a lot of self-respect to admit your limitations and work with where you are. I remember a time when I was in a particularly tough work place and had a terrible boss. Eventually my body gave out, and I was forced to surrender. I've since learned if my body is talking, through injuries or illness, I must stop and listen.

The Move: Restorative yoga poses are supportive and can bring your nervous system back into balance. I worked with Giada De Laurentiis, who has a very busy schedule and family life, and she starts her days with yoga at 5 a.m. She requested a lot of restorative yoga poses, with good reason. If you look at Giada's body you can see she is not hanging on to any excess weight. She credits yoga for her svelte physique.

To Your

Mandy Says: Remember that vision board we talked about on Day 2? Or the intention that you set? Well, it's time to recommit with a little self-mastery. You won't always have a guide to tell you what to do or what's right for you. When Jennifer Aniston travels, she will often have such early or erratic call times on the set that she needs to take matters into her own hands. There is a level of commitment that comes from self-mastery that sets apart those who meet their goals. In other words, you've come too far to quit.

The Move: Today, you are the one in charge of your workout. And you are not alone — Kate Beckinsale has a few workouts recorded so she can pop them in when she needs it. The bottom line is that no one can do it for you.


Mandy Says: Everyone has their cheat days, and guilty pleasures. Jennifer Aniston's is Mexican food. Kate Beckinsale has the occasional Cadbury. Chelsea Handler has her vodka. What's your guilty pleasure? It's much easier to remain disciplined when you give yourself the occasional treat. I am a big dark chocolate fan. I treat myself daily to a little something.

The Move: If you're on a diet, take one or two days this week to go off the plan, and at least one day from exercise. Live it up!

P.S. Yes, this video is me when I was 20 years old. Top that. Remember, some things can come back to haunt you.

Your Mind

Mandy Says: Inversions can be symbolic; you can see the world from a different perspective. Practically, the inversion is supposed to be the fountain of youth, reversing the blood flow and bringing nutrient-rich blood and oxygen to the face and head. I rarely teach inversions, as I have several injuries that restrict my ability to withstand the compression. However there are several simple moves you may do that have the same benefits without thepressure.

The Move: Flip your routine — walk backward on the treadmill, or take a different route to work. Watch above to see an inversion you can do with very little effort. If this doesn't work you can try a forward fold and check your perspective from there.

A Group

Join A Group Class

Mandy Says: Although classes can sometimes seem intimidating when you are on the outside, once you join the group, there is a collective and an energy far beyond what one person can generate. I love when one of my students invites a few friends to the workout. Working out with friends can motivate and inspire you. Shared experience and encouragement are benefits of joining. I loved both when Jennifer Aniston invited Emily Blunt to spin with us, and when I hauled out to the Chelsea Lately Show to have the producers, cast and crew all practicing yoga together. Creating a little group — or, as I like to say, dropping a yoga bomb — can be just the thing to get you motivated again.

The Move: Today is a community day, so please take some time to find a class to join — even one of mine!

Zen Out

Zen Out And Meditate

Credit: Javiera Estrada

Mandy Says: Helen Hunt got me into the habit of meditating daily. No matter how busy her schedule was, whether she was off to the Oscars or working long hours on a TV show, meditation was a priority. We started a group and meditated weekly. It was truly inspired.

The Move: Start your own meditation practice. Here are some tips for beginners:

  • Have a timer handy so you don't have to worry about how long you are away.
  • Light candles. Put on music. Find a space that is Zen and uncluttered.
  • When you find yourself drifting to your thoughts, simply label it "thinking" and return to your breathing. This will reset you in the present moment.
  • Check out Deepak Chopra's 21-day challenge to help get you going.

The Artist
In You

Explore The Artist In You

Courtesy of Mandy Ingber

Mandy Says: We are each artists. The body is a work-in-progress, and you are just like a sculptor, molding and shaping your muscles, or sanding away at the stone, smoothing it out. Each of us is a unique expression of spirit.

The Move: Expression through painting is a form of meditation and subconscious work that can be very cathartic. Today's wellness assignment is to practice yoga and then paint. See what emerges from beneath the surface.

Your Inner

Find Your Inner Rhythm

Credit: Jenni Anspach

Mandy Says: Spend this day being spontaneous on your own time. It is the yogic family of Woody Harrelson's that has taught me this lesson best. Woody and Laura head a family of true yogis and yoginis. Flowing through the day is quite natural. It's not unusual for a spontaneous yoga party to start to The Beatles or Coldplay or Michael Franti. Each day has a mark of spontaneity and a deep connection to a natural rhythm.

The Move: Sure, there are schedules and meetings to be had BUT, for today, try to be as organic to your internal being as possible. Take one or two things off the to-do list. A long walk, or gentle yoga is the task at hand. Or, try this awesome recipe for painted fruit that the Harrelson clan turned me on to.


Recharge Yourself: Snooze!

Credit: Javiera Estrada

Mandy Says: The best feeling I can imagine is when I achieve a short-term goal. The final pose in yoga is Savasana, or Corpse Pose. It integrates all the strength building, flexibility and balance that you practice. It is the body's opportunity to rebuild. Remember, it is when you are at rest that you get stronger.

The Move:Try sleeping in longer today. Siddatech has a great natural sleep remedy. Or, allow yourself 20 to take a cat nap or an extra along Savasana.

The beauty of life is that it goes in cycles. We complete one and we begin another. For more ideas on how to keep the body and mind in balance, please visit It's been awesome taking you through this cycle. As they say in yoga: My spirit recognizes your spirit. Namaste.