Jessica Biel on WhoSay

Jessica Biel's Dog Tina Sleeps in a Tree

Friday December 14, 2012 09:30 AM EST

Jessica Biel found her dog snoozing beneath a tree – but not the kind you might expect for this time of year.

In her regular photo post series, #TuesdayswithTina, Biel shared four shots of her dog hopping into a potted tree and laying down for a nap.

"That doesn't even look comfortable!" she wrote on WhoSay, with a shot of the dog curled up around the tiny tree's trunk. "I promise I have an actual dog bed for her."

It seems Tina is never too picky about where she sleeps. In August, she got cozy in Biel's suitcase, and in October the dog copped-a-squat right on top of Biel, who was lying on a couch.

"My 55 pound blanket," the actress Tweeted, with a shot of the pair snoozing together.