Taylor Lautner

February 12

More Than a Wolf

Lautner makes his post-Twilight debut in the star-studded movie Valentine's Day with former flame Taylor Swift. The romantic comedy, which also costars Julia Roberts and Ashton Kutcher, debuts at the top of the box office. The in-demand actor is also reportedly in talks to star in two action movies, Stretch Armstrong and Max Steel.

Taylor Lautner

June 30

Eclipsing the Competition

The third Twilight movie, Eclipse, rakes in more than $150 million during its first week at the box office. "It is definitely my favorite," Lautner says of the film. But there's still two more sequels in the works, based on the final book Breaking Dawn. "The amount of time we have to spend with each other," Lautner tells EW of Stewart and Pattinson, "if I didn't like these two, it would be exhausting."


Taylor Lautner

September 23

Taken Away

Lautner lands his first non-Twilight starring role in Abduction, an action flick that pairs him with Lily Collins (whom he is linked to offscreen). "Pretty much everything you see onscreen is me," he says of performing his own stunts. The film, which is co-produced by Lautner's own production company Tailor Made, opens at No. 4, with the New York Times lauding the 19-year-old actor as a "martial-arts dervish with perfectly sculptured abs."

Taylor Lautner

November 18

'Breaking' the Bank

Breaking Dawn – Part 1 rakes in more than $139 million during its first week at the box office before going on to best the competition in its second week. "It's different from the other ones in tone, it's more mature," Lautner say of the fourth Twilight film in which the love of Jacob's life marries a vampire. "And my character grows up in this one."


Taylor Lautner

November 16

End of an Era

Lautner stars as werewolf Jacob for the last time in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, which eventually becomes the series's most successful installment after taking in $140 million over opening weekend. "I love Jacob! I really respect him, in so many different ways, and he has so many qualities to him that I'd love to bring with me, like his loyalty and his persistence," he says. "He's going to be a tough character to say goodbye to, for sure."


Taylor Lautner


New Gal Pal

The actor stirs rumors of a romance when he is spotted holding hands with Tracers costar Marie Avgeropoulos. "They're happy and having a fun time together," a source tells PEOPLE of the pair, who also attend a performance of Blue Man Group together.


Taylor Lautner

February 15

Back to Work

After The Twilight Saga comes to a close in 2012, Lautner stays out of the spotlight. But it's announced in 2014 that he is replacing Andy Samberg as the lead male actor in the BBC sitcom Cuckoo. Lautner will play Cuckoo, the hippie husband and self-appointed spiritual ninja of a middle-class English girl who brings him home after a summer abroad.

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Taylor Lautner

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