William & Kate's Royal Baby Album

From the moment they announced their pregnancy to the arrival of their royal bundle, chart all the excitement surrounding Will and Kate's next chapter – parenthood!

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07/24/2013 01:25PM

Royal Baby Name Revealed!

June 2013

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Baby Fact

Baby Fact

Week 28: About the size of a kabocha squash, a 28-week-old baby begins to open its eyes inside the womb.

April 2013

People StyleWatch

Do you have a nail polish created in your honor? The yet-to-be-born royal baby does. Any guesses as to the shade? http://ow.ly/kqYVP

March 2013

"Enjoy your time at home – or the castle, in her case – with the baby. Especially the first few months."

03/27/2013 01:45PM

How Kate Is Preparing for Baby

Baby Fact

Baby Fact

Week 23: He or she is starting to recognize the sound of mom's voice.

Baby Fact

Baby Fact

Week 21: The baby can now respond to touch, so mothers will feel their little ones move away or push back if they put pressure on their baby bumps.

Feb. 2013

Baby Fact

Baby Fact

Week 16: Now the size of an avocado, the baby can suck his or her thumb and make a fist.

William Shatner

"@salyward: @WilliamShatner what are your guesses for the royal baby name?" William of course!

Jan. 2013

Baby Fact

Baby Fact

Week 12: Now nearly three inches long, the baby is the size of a passion fruit.

Dec. 2012

Brooklyn Decker

If the Kimye baby, the Royal baby, and baby Blue Ivy need a play date coordinator (babysitter) I volunteer.

Baby Fact

Baby Fact

Week 10: The baby is the size of a kumquat now; his or her eyebrows are beginning to grow, and tiny nails are forming on fingers and toes.

Baby Fact

Baby Fact

Week 8: The baby is about as big as a kidney bean, and its hands and feet now have webbed fingers and toes.

Ellen DeGeneres

Congratulations Kate Middleton and Prince William. I'm gonna have another cousin!