Tom Brady: Snapshot

Tom Brady
Date of Birth
August 03, 1977
Birth Place
San Mateo, Calif.
Sure, Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to three Super Bowl victories, but let's be honest: It's his boy-next-door good looks that really made an impression.

The University of Michigan alum, who earned three Super Bowl MVP trophies, first made headlines in 2007 when his ex, actress Bridget Moynahan, announced she was three-months pregnant with his baby. But the all-American quarterback had already moved on with Brazilian cover girl Gisele Bündchen.

In August that year, the exes welcomed their son John, and two years later the little boy was present at his father's nuptials to his supermodel stepmom. In December 2009, Bündchen gave birth to his second son, Benjamin, and welcomed daughter Vivian three years later.

Tom Brady: Five Fun Facts

  1. As a child, Tom Brady's three older sisters would dress him as a girl. "They'd have dolls around the house and make me play with them," he told PEOPLE.
  2. After Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo played poorly in a game attended by girlfriend Jessica Simpson, Tom Brady reached out to Romo and told him to keep Simpson away from the field.
  3. After appearing on Saturday Night Live in briefs, Tom Brady's New England Patriots teammates decorated his locker with Jockey shorts.
  4. Tom Brady auctioned off his 2004 Super Bowl MVP prize – a luxury Cadillac – to raise funds for his alma mater.
  5. Before becoming an NFL pro player, Tom Brady was drafted as a Major League Baseball catcher by the Montreal Expos in 1995.

Tom Brady: Biography


Tom Brady

In the Clutch

After leading the University of Michigan to an overtime victory in the Orange Bowl, quarterback Tom Brady's picked in the sixth round of the NFL draft by the New England Patriots. In 2001, he works his way up the roster, earning the primary backup quarterback position.


Tom Brady

Unexpected Star

Patriots starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe is injured two games into the season, and an untested Brady is thrown into the starting lineup. The 24-year-old QB proves himself valuable, leading the Patriots to victory in Super Bowl XXXVI. Brady repeats his Super Bowl victories with the Patriots in 2004 and 2005.


Tom Brady

Dating Bridget Moynahan

Brady finds his starlet match in former model and actress Bridget Moynahan. Though the ultra-private couple rarely discuss their relationship, Moynahan tells The Boston Herald in 2004, "We both have incredible respect for each other, and each other's lives and professions."

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Tom Brady

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