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Grey's Anatomy Recap: Something's Gotta Give

Originally posted 11/12/2010 11:00 AM

Grey's Anatomy Recap: Something's Gotta Give

Credit: Peter Stone/ABC

Cristina's decision to quit her promising surgical career rocked the hospital on this week's Grey's Anatomy.

While confusion and sorrow filled the halls of Seattle Grace-Mercy West, Derek was downright mad – not at Cristina, but Teddy, whom he felt put too much pressure on Cristina by leaving her in charge of last week's complication-riddled lung-transplant patient.

But Teddy had more pressing matters to deal with when a car-crash victim arrived on a gurney, and she and Owen were charged with saving his life.

The rumor quickly spread that the VIP patient was U2's frontman Bono, but the heavy security detail turned out to be for a peace-loving politician from the Middle East. When it was discovered that the dying man not only had a tear in his heart but a cerebral aneurysm, Derek was also recruited for the case, leading to a double surgery and a war of words in the OR.

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Grey's Anatomy: Getting Out of Africa

Originally posted 11/05/2010 09:50 AM

Grey's Anatomy: Getting Out of Africa | Jessica Capshaw, Sara Ramirez

Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC (2)

"It'll be an easy day." That's what Owen promised wife Cristina early in Thursday's Grey's Anatomy, which naturally, meant the day would turn out to be anything but. Stormy, life-altering – those would've been more appropriate descriptions. By the time the episode ended, one couple had broken up, two friends were at odds and a doctor had decided to quit the hospital.

From the start, Callie seemed to be having second thoughts about her decision to accompany Arizona to Africa. She bristled when Arizona tried to give away their kitchen appliances to Sloan and seemed unsettled by the Chief's declaration that he'd had "big plans" for her before she opted to check out of Seattle Grace. And there was definitely no hiding her disappointment over the pitiful turnout to the couple's going-away party. Preparing to say goodbye to his closest friend, Sloan finally pointed out the obvious in a way that only the playboy plastic surgeon could: "You sound an awful lot like someone who's getting double Ds just because her girlfriend likes a big rack. And by big rack, I mean Africa."

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Grey's Anatomy Gets Reality-TV Treatment

Originally posted 10/29/2010 08:00 AM

Grey's Anatomy Gets Reality-TV Treatment | Justin Chambers, Sandra Oh

Credit: Karen Neal/ABC; Ron Tom/ABC

A film crew took up residence at Seattle Grace-Mercy West on Thursday, resulting in an unconventional, though emotionally stirring, episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Presented as a documentary called Seattle Medical – Road to Recovery, the installment explored, from the point of view of the filmmakers, the effects of the shooting spree on the hospital's doctors and patients six months after the tragedy. There were shaky handheld camera shots, bleeped-out swear words, reality TV-style confessionals and "coming up next" teasers before commercial breaks – all of which was a bit jarring but ultimately led to new insight into familiar, beloved characters.

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Grey's Recap: You're in the Navy Now

Originally posted 10/22/2010 08:00 AM

Grey's Anatomy Recap: You're in the Navy Now | Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh

Credit: Peter Hopper Stone/ABC

Who else prepared themselves for the worst when the Chief put the residents in charge on last night's Grey's Anatomy? "Pray, people," he said, shortly after informing Meredith and company they were taking over Seattle Grace's surgeries for the next 24 hours. "We want God in the building today." Amen!

Thankfully, for the most part, the Grey's gang proved they deserved to wear the navy scrubs of an attending. Alex successfully performed a breast reduction on a 13-year-old boy, saving him a lifetime of embarrassment. Meredith lost out to Avery on a surgery but, while he choked in the OR, forcing Derek to take over, she pulled off an emergency craniotomy.

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Grey's Anatomy Recap: Facing Up to Fears

Originally posted 10/08/2010 11:10 AM

Grey's Anatomy Recap: Facing Up to Fears

Credit: Eric McCandles/ABC

An impromptu family visit turned out to be the perfect prescription for drama on Thursday's Grey's Anatomy.

When Derek's sister Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) blew into Seattle, eager to see how her big brother was doing after surviving a bullet to the chest, he was hardly thrilled to see her. Granted, he had his reasons: Amelia had once crashed his Mustang while high on pain pills. And she'd stolen his prescription pad in order to feed her habit – then nearly died from an overdose until he saved her.

But the one-time wild child was now a responsible adult. Sort of. A whip-smart neurosurgeon like her big brother, Amelia showed up to the hospital with a patient in tow – a fellow passenger on her plane, whom she'd diagnosed as having a brain tumor during their hook-up in the airplane bathroom.

She pestered Der to let her help fix Hook-Up Guy in the OR, and he finally relented, until she made the mistake of bad-mouthing Cristina when she once again panicked during surgery.

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Grey's Anatomy Returns: Let the Healing Begin

Originally posted 09/24/2010 09:55 AM

Grey's Anatomy Returns: Let the Healing Begin | Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh

Credit: Peter Hopper Stone/ABC

The season premiere of Grey's Anatomy proved there will be no easy cure for what ails the doctors of Seattle Grace.

Still haunted by the horrific shooting rampage at the hospital, the staffers struggled to rebuild their lives, and flashback-filled sessions with trauma counselor Andrew Perkins (James Tupper) – a requirement before returning to surgical duty – revealed just how much one day irrevocably changed everything.

Derek survived a bullet to the chest and became a seize-the-day adrenaline junkie, racing his car down the Seattle freeways like Mario Andretti (which frequently landed him in jail) and impulsively resigning as chief in order to try and save a teen from a massive, life-threatening tumor.

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SPOILER! Grey's Anatomy Wedding Secrets Revealed

Originally posted 09/10/2010 05:00 PM

SPOILER! Grey's Anatomy Wedding Secrets Revealed | Sandra Oh

Credit: ABC

After surviving the shooter rampage that claimed the lives of two doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital on the season finale of Grey's Anatomy, Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) realize that life is too precious – and will tie the knot during the show's Sept. 23 premiere on ABC.

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New Love, Work and Marriage Coming to Grey’s Anatomy

Originally posted 08/10/2010 01:00 AM

New Love, Work and Marriage Coming to Grey’s Anatomy

Credit: Danny Feld/ABC(2)

The sixth season of Grey's Anatomy ended with a bang, as a crazed widower terrorized Seattle Grace-Mercy West Hospital, eventually shooting Derek, whom he blamed for the death of his wife. When the ABC drama begins its seventh season next month, things will have calmed down a bit, though there'll be plenty of new dramas developing – personal and professional – even in the very first episode. Keep reading for some of the juiciest tidbits.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

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Grey’s Goes Out with a Bang!

Originally posted 05/21/2010 12:00 AM

Grey’s Goes Out with a Bang!

Credit: Danny Feld/ABC(2)

Thursday's Grey's Anatomy finale was killer -- literally and figuratively ...

Caution: spoilers ahead.

It started like any other shift -- critical patients, wisecracks, lovers' quarrels (even another guest star, Mandy Moore, did her best sick-girl impersonation since A Walk to Remember) -- except that Meredith discovered she was pregnant and was on her way to tell a bummed Derek, with Yang following, when they were told a gunman was on the loose and the hospital was on lockdown.

Mr. Clark, the widow suing for his wife's wrongful death, intended to hunt down those responsible -- the ex-Chief, Der and Lexie -- but when he got lost and asked Reed for directions, she got dropped. Alex was the next victim, but managed to crawl to the elevator. Mark and Lexie found him and performed crude surgery on a conference table. Lexie seemed to fall harder for her patient, but he deliriously babbled about bacon and -- ouch! -- Izzie leaving him.

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Grey’s Creator Has a Plan for Next Season — And Evan Lysacek!

Credit: Charley Gallay/Getty; Picture Perfect/REX USA

Grey’s Anatomy fans were rendered speechless after Thursday night's two-hour season finale. Caution: spoilers ahead!

A gunman opened fire at Seattle Grace hospital, killing doctors Reed (Nora Zhehetner) and Charles (Robert Baker). Derek (Patrick Dempsey), Alex (Justin Chambers) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) were wounded in the melee, and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) revealed she was pregnant, only to miscarry later in the episode.

After the show aired, "I had to get out of the house," Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes told PEOPLE. A self-confessed “crazy, sick, stalker skating fan,” she headed straight to the ESPN Zone reception for Olympic figure skater and current Dancing with the Stars finalist Evan Lysacek, who was in Los Angeles for the Smucker’s Stars on Ice tour.

While the Grey’s subject matter was emotional and disturbing, Rhimes says, “My cast was very happy. It was an amazing acting challenge for the actors. Everyone was playing at the top of their game.”

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