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'It's Going to Be a Crazy Summer' on Big Brother

Originally posted 06/27/2013 09:25 AM

Big Brother Premieres: 'It's Going to Be a Crazy Summer'

Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

Sixteen houseguests moved into the Big Brother house on Wednesday's premiere episode – and it wasn't long before the game play – and romantic entanglements – began.

"There are all kind of beautiful women in this house," said Howard Overby, 29, who had already caught the eye of pageant coordinator GinaMarie Zimmerman, 32.

But before any "showmances" could percolate, the alliances began to form. Overby aligned with railroad conductor Spencer Clawson, 31, and boat shop associate Jeremy McGuire, 23 ... but moments later, McGuire also joined an alliance with unemployed beauty Jessie Kowalski, 23, and lifeguard David Girton, 25.

"If nothing else, this is the best looking alliance in BB history," Kowalski said in the diary room.

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FIRST LOOK: Big Brother Season 15 Cast Pose in Swimsuits

Originally posted 06/25/2013 12:10 PM

Big Brother's Season 15 Cast Pose in Swimsuits for First Photo

Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

Welcome to the Big Brother backyard!

The season 15 houseguests entered the Big Brother house just a few days ago and wasted no time making themselves at home poolside. Here's your first look at the group.

But the 16 houseguests – the largest cast in the CBS reality show's history – will not be spending all summer relaxing under the sun.

In a new twist, the show's two nomination chairs have been replaced by a "nomination couch" to make room for a third nominee's eviction every week. And a new power will be in play this summer as fans vote weekly for a "Big Brother MVP," whose special power will be explained by host Julie Chen.

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Which Big Brother Champ's Sister Will Compete on Season 15?

Originally posted 06/20/2013 03:00 PM

Big Brother Cast Revealed – Rachel Reilly's Sister Elissa Slater Will Compete

Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother host Julie Chen teased there would be a "familiar face" among the season 15 cast announced Thursday – and it belongs to former contestant Rachel Reilly's sister Elissa Slater.

"I've always loved Big Brother and I've always wanted the opportunity to do it," Slater tells PEOPLE. "I hope people at home see that I am in it to win it and a force to be reckoned with."

Slater, 27, is one of 16 houseguests competing for the $500,000 prize during season 15 of the CBS reality show – the largest cast ever.

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Which Reality Star Just Wed in a Bacon-Themed Ceremony?

Originally posted 04/20/2013 02:15 PM

Big Brother's 'Heavy Metal Teddy Bear' Is Married

Here comes the bride and groom – and lots of bacon!

Adam Poch – the "Heavy Metal Teddy Bear" from Big Brother 13, who was known for his love of bacon and Tori Spelling – wed longtime girlfriend Fara Herzfeld on Saturday in a traditional Jewish ceremony at the Molly Pitcher Inn in Red Bank, N.J.

"Wait, traditional Jewish ceremony at a bacon-themed wedding, can you say 'oxymoron'?" Herzfeld tells PEOPLE. The best man, Poch's brother Seth, jokes that the couple united in "holy and unkosher matrimony."

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PHOTOS: It's a Big Brother Wedding!

Update 01/20/2013 07:15 PM Originally posted 01/20/2013 07:45 AM

Big Brother Alums Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones Marry

Credit: Closer to Love Photography

In a bohemian-style wedding Saturday afternoon, Big Brother alums Dominic Briones and Daniele Donato tied the knot at the Newland House Museum in Huntington Beach, Calif.

The couple met while filming CBS's Big Brother 13 in the summer of 2011. She was a returning contestant; he, a newbie.

"Truth be told, I really didn't like him at first," she says with a laugh. "I thought he was a little troublemaker. But we became friends, and although I didn't like him like that, it just grew."

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Big Brother Winner Ian Terry: Dan Would Not Have Taken Me

Originally posted 09/21/2012 07:50 AM

Big Brother Winner Ian Terry: Dan Would Not Have Taken Me

Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Ian Terry entered the Big Brother house a self-proclaimed nerd, but 75 days later he left feeling more mature – and $500,000 richer.

Terry, 21, beat out returning player – and former winner – Dan Gheesling to become the 14th winner of the CBS reality show Wednesday, with six of the seven jury members voting for him to take home the grand prize.

The morning after his victory, the Tulane University engineering student spoke to PEOPLE about his personal growth while in the house, what he plans to do with the money, and why he chose to stay loyal to Dan despite his history of betrayals.

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Big Brother 14 Has a Winner!

Originally posted 09/20/2012 06:20 AM

Big Brother 14 Has a Winner!

Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

After 75 days, 16 houseguests and dozens of competitions, Big Brother 14 has a winner!

Following last Thursday's elimination of their fellow Quack Pack alliance member Shane Meaney, the final three houseguests – Danielle Murphee, Ian Terry and returning player Dan Gheesling – battled it out for the final Head of Household of season 14. Spoilers ahead!

Ian, 21, won the three-part competition and kept his deal with Dan, choosing to evict Danielle, who became the final member of the jury tasked with voting between the final two and awarding one of them the $500,000 grand prize.

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Big Brother's Shane: Dan Is A 'Dirty Player'

Originally posted 09/16/2012 05:00 PM

Big Brother's Shane Meaney: Dan Gheesling Is A 'Dirty Player'

Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS; John P. Filo/CBS

Handshakes mean nothing in the Big Brother house – and Shane Meaney learned that lesson the hard way.

He trusted his alliance with returning player Dan Gheesling so much that he allowed himself to be put up for elimination in Gheesling's place.

Did he even consider whether or not Gheesling would betray him? "Absolutely not," Meaney told PEOPLE the morning after his eviction. "I have no idea why Dan kept Ian over me. He went against his final three deal [with Danielle and me] that he shook my hand and swore on his wife's name."

The eviction has Meaney even questioning his relationship with his closest ally in the house, Danielle Murphree.

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Big Brother's Frank Discusses Cheating

Originally posted 09/10/2012 11:00 AM

Big Brother's Frank Eudy on Why He Cheated

Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

He was "the man with nine lives" but it only took six nominations before Frank Eudy was evicted from the Big Brother house last week. The son of wrestler Sid Vicious was an early threat on the reality show but avoided elimination until Thursday, when the Quack Pack finally took him down. The morning after his eviction, Eudy, 28, told PEOPLE about his alliance with Mike "Boogie" Malin and cheating to help Britney during a power of veto challenge.

Did you have any idea your eviction was coming this week?
All week I felt as though this were déjá vu. It was Joe and I on the block against each other and I had to trust Dan and Danielle. But last time they were not honest with me and I couldn't help but think they were lying to me again.

Do you ever think of toning down your "mourning" of Mike once he was eliminated?
We were both just so alike and we got along so well – especially when you think of the random circumstances. Here are two people who have such trust between each other. When you know that someone has your back 100 percent, it means so much in the Big Brother house. I did not expect to come out of this game with someone I feel is a new best friend in my life.

Did you ever contemplate throwing a competition to be seen as less of a target?
I don't think it mattered. They were always after me more than him. So at that point Mike was out and I was just giving homage to my friend Boogie. I don't think keeping his spirit alive in the game hurt me at all.

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Big Brother's Brendon Villegas & Rachel Reilly Are Married

Originally posted 09/09/2012 08:45 AM

Big Brother's Brendon Villegas & Rachel Reilly Are Married

Credit: JB Lacroix/WireImage

Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas spent two summers living with strangers on Big Brother and traveled around the world on The Amazing Race, but now they have taken their boldest trip ever – down the wedding aisle.

The reality stars married Saturday atop the AT&T Center in downtown Los Angeles, where the redheaded bride arrived via helicopter.

"She wanted to arrive like a big celebrity," celebrity wedding planner – and host of WE tv's My Fair Wedding – David Tutera tells PEOPLE. "The guests will watch her arrive on live camera before she walks down the aisle, which to me is one of the most over the top processionals ever."

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