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Kate Gosselin has some serious criteria when it comes to her next boyfriend.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday's Kate Plus 8, Gosselin goes on a blind date, but she isn't shy about telling him exactly what she demands in a suitor.

"I do know that the person that comes around and sticks around – like if you are willing to take on eight kids, you have to be pretty darn tough, like, from the get-go," the 40-year-old mom of twins and sextuplets tells her date over dinner.

"I think that in itself will be the ready-made test."

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Kate Gosselin is all about trying new things in the upcoming season of Kate Plus 8 – including blind dates!

"Since being divorced, I can't even really say I'm in the world of dating because I don't get it," Gosselin says in an exclusive sneak peek clip at the TLC hit's upcoming premiere.

But that didn't stop the success of her very first blind date.

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Kate Gosselin celebrated her 40th birthday by taking her brood of eight and her best friend to Mexico, and PEOPLE has an exclusive clip from a girls' night out where Kate dished on dating, her goals for the new year and how she really feels about life after divorcing her ex Jon.

"I want people to stop asking me if I'm dating," the Kate Plus 8 star says decisively. "I would like that to end."

Five years after a painful and very public divorce, Kate says the dating question offends her most because it's "a reminder that here I am, it's just me."

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What Kate Gosselin Is Looking for in a Man

Originally posted 01/15/2015 06:10 PM

Kate Gosselin: My Kids Want Me to Get Married Again

Credit: Derek Storm/Splash News

More than five years since her divorce from Jon, Kate Gosselin says she would like to remarry – and her children want their mom to walk down the aisle again, too.

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Growing Up Fast: Gosselin Kids Take First Day of School Picture | Kate Gosselin

Credit: Courtesy Kate Gosselin

Look at the school daze in those Gosselin faces!

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They're Back! Kate Plus 8 to Return
This Winter

Originally posted 08/18/2014 07:15 PM

Kate Plus 8 to Return in December

Credit: Donna Svennevik/Getty

Kate Gosselin hasn't finished up her run on TLC just yet.

The cable network has ordered more installments of Kate Plus 8 to air in December.

TLC says the cameras will follow Gosselin and her brood as they travel to Boston and explore the New England area as part of their family vacation.

Viewers will also be treated to the Gosselin kids' final days of summer as their mom prepares for another year of school. Cara and Mady will enter eighth grade, while the sextuplets – Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel – will go into the fourth grade.

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Kate Gosselin Confesses: 'I Cry Behind Closed Doors'

Originally posted 06/25/2014 02:35 PM

Kate Gosselin looks like she has her life under control, but she wants the world to know it's not easy being a single mom to eight kids.

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Watch Kate Gosselin Plan Her Sextuplets' 10th Birthday Bash

Originally posted 06/18/2014 01:40 PM

Cake, Cotton Candy & a Clown Costume: Kate Gosselin Throws the Sextuplets a Carnival Birthday Bash

Credit: TLC

Raising eight children can be a circus – a comparison Kate Gosselin took to heart to celebrate her sextuplets' birthday.

Dressed as a clown for her kids' big day, Gosselin threw a carnival-themed bash for the youngest in her very busy brood: Aaden, Collin, Joel, Leah, Alexis and Hannah. The sextuplets turned 10 years old on May 10, and TLC captured all the fun for the family's two-part return to reality TV.

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Kate Gosselin Lays Down the Law in First Look at Kate Plus 8 Special

Credit: TLC

They're not little kids anymore.

Kate Gosselin and her brood return for a two-hour Kate Plus 8 special next month on TLC. And judging by this exclusive preview, family life is just as hectic for the reality mom – though her tactics have become perhaps a little more devious.

"It's all still happening, with or without cameras," she says. "I'm getting older, tireder, more worn out. The kids are getting older and smarter and giving me a run for my money, daily and hourly and moment by moment."

Two and a half years after the show went off the air, twin girls Cara and Mady are now 13, and the sextuplets – daughters Leah, Alexis and Hannah, and sons Aaden, Collin and Joel – just turned 10 on May 10.

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Kate Plus 8 Returning to TLC One Night Only!

Originally posted 03/18/2014 11:35 AM

TLC to Air Kate Plus 8 One-Hour Special | Kate Gosselin

Credit: Taylor Hill/Getty

Kate and her eight are heading back to where it all started – for one night only.

It's been more than two years since TLC viewers have peered into the lives of Kate Gosselin and her sizable Pennsylvania brood, and in June the cable channel that launched the family into reality show superstardom will air a one-hour special catching up viewers on their lives, PEOPLE confirms exclusively.

The special promises to touch on how all eight kids have grown, what their interests are currently and the latest on Kate's life and career. Viewers will also get a look back at some of the Gosselins' favorite memories. The sextuplets – Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel – are nearly 10, while older sisters Mady and Cara are officially teenagers at 13.

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