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Gilmore Girls Trailer Wonders If Amy Schumer Would Like Lorelai – 'I Would Love Her!' Says Comic

Update 07/27/2016 03:05 PM Originally posted 07/27/2016 03:25 PM


Welcome back to Stars Hollow!

On Wednesday, Netflix released the first trailer for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, a four-part event, along with the premiere date – November 25.

In the clip, fans get their first look at Rory (Alexis Bledel) and Lorelai (Lauren Graham) as they banter over pop-tarts and coffee – some things never change.

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Teresa Giudice has been trying to get her husband Joe on the yoga mat ever since she fell in love with the ancient Indian practice during her 11-month stay in prison.

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Every one can relax, Scandal isn't going away any time soon.

After rumors swirled that our favorite Gladiators would be saying goodbye after season 6 – thanks to a mix-up from Good Morning America's Lara Spencer – the show's creator Shonda Rhimes took to Twitter to set the record straight.

"Whoa, @GMA: I never said this was the final season of #scandal. Way to make me spit out my coffee!" Rhimes, 46, wrote in a tweet on Wednesday.

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Elena Gant's family just doubled in size!

PEOPLE can exclusively reveal the adorable first family photo of the Little Women: LA star's twin boys with husband Preston.

"As a first-time mom, as a little person, I'm so lucky to now hold two beautiful, healthy baby boys," Gant tells PEOPLE. "It was love at first sight, and my husband and I are so blessed with our twins."

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Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian may be on amicable terms after their split – co-parenting their three kids and even vacationing together – but it's Disick's friendship with his ex's sister Khloé Kardashian that's the real "relationship goals."

The longtime friends took to social media on Tuesday to declare their admiration for one another in a sweet selfie posted to both of their Instagram accounts.

"The Lord and the Lady," Khloé, 32, captioned her post.

"Relationship goals," Discik, 33, wrote in his.

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Six years ago, Heidi (Montag) Pratt made national headlines when the former Hills star underwent 10 cosmetic procedures in one day (an experience she shared on the cover of PEOPLE). Now, the reality star, wed to Spencer Pratt since 2009, is opening up about her regrets about the drastic decision.

"I was in way over my head with the surgeries," Pratt, 29, tells PEOPLE exclusively. "I had no idea what I was getting into or that it was a lifelong commitment. It was very challenging, both physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, on my husband and on our lives."

In fact, Pratt, 29, admits, "It was a huge turning point for us in such a negative way. There was a fallout with The Hills and a lot of backlash with the things we were doing. We spent more money and it was so unnecessary. Sometimes I can't believe I did that to us and to me. It's been a lot to overcome."

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Keshia Knight Pulliam may have been too independent for new husband Ed Hartwell, a source tells PEOPLE.

Hartwell filed for divorce and demanded she undergo a paternity test just one week after The Cosby Show alum announced she was pregnant, and the insider says it may be because they have different views on marriage.

"The couple is just not able to agree or see eye-to-eye on anything," the source says. "Hartwell is very old-fashioned in marital beliefs and how couples should make decisions together, and it seems Keshia is more interested in remaining a successful independent business woman than baking cookies and being a submissive wife."

The source adds, "This is probably just a case of a child star used to going through life baking her cake, having her cake and eating her cake too."

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The Bachelorette: Men Tell All, which aired on Tuesday, is just as much a reunion show as a campaign event for the next season of the The Bachelor, which will star one of the men JoJo Fletcher sent home.

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Earlier this year, Wentworth Miller was confronted with a painful image – an Internet meme that struck such an emotional chord that the actor decided to open up for the first time about the depression he'd battled his entire life.

"I was having a really strong emotional experience and I needed to get it out," Miller tells PEOPLE exclusively of his decision to write a reactive Facebook post. "Articulating how I'm feeling, that's a life-saving practice. And it's part of my self-care."

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